Fibercom Telecom Phils., Inc. as a sponsor and exhibitor at ACC 2023

Fibercom Telecom Phils., Inc. as a sponsor and exhibitor at Asian Carrier Conference 2023 to showcase newest product and solutions.

Fibercom, a highly reputable provider of top-tier fiber solutions and services, has proudly announced its triumphant participation in the recently concluded Asian Carrier Conference (ACC) in 2023. This groundbreaking conference was held at the magnificent Mactan Cebu, situated in the picturesque country of the Philippines, and ran for a full five days from September 11 to 15, 2023. As an exhibitor and sponsor, Fibercom’s comprehensive line of fiber solutions and services took center stage at its exhibit booth, showcasing breakthroughs in access, cybersecurity, service design, engineering, and the innovative facial recognition technology that was the talk of the crowd.

It comes as no surprise that Fibercom received a record amount of attention from the vast number of leading telecommunications companies and other industry organizations that were present at the event. The personalized approach and expert level of customization provided by Fibercom’s solutions made an outstanding impression on attendees. Fibercom’s remarkable level of expertise was evident in the technologies it offers, and the flexibility incorporated into its solutions, and their strong showing at the ACC proved their mastery of the field.

Reflecting on the event, one Fibercom representative shared, “Attending the ACC was a truly amazing experience. It was the perfect platform for us to interact with leading experts and decision-makers from across the telecom industry, and it will certainly help us expand our business in the region. We are excited to participate in more strategic conferences like the ACC in the future and continue to connect with others in the industry who share our passion for cutting-edge fiber solutions and services.”

All in all, Fibercom’s participation in the ACC 2023 was an unquestionable success. Attendees were impressed by the high caliber of expertise and personalized approach showcased across Fibercom’s service offerings, solidifying their reputation as a top-tier fiber solutions provider on the global stage.

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