Fibercom offers a comprehensive security and networking solution that allows fast, secure, and cost-effective deployment of thousands of new IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) sites that are always on and protected in real time. Fibercom provides ethernet access devices, industrial IIoT gateways and switches, broadband wireless access, multiservice access nodes in service providers, critical infrastructures and smart cities with network management and orchestration system.
Wired transport typically refers to the use of physical cables or wires to transmit data or information between devices or locations. It is a method of communication or connectivity that relies on physical connections, such as Ethernet cables for internet connections or coaxial cables for cable television. This is in contrast to wireless transport, which uses wireless signals, like Wi-Fi or cellular networks, to transmit data without physical cables.
Wireless transport refers to the communication of data or information between devices or networks using wireless technology, such as radio waves, microwaves, or other wireless signals, instead of physical cables or wires. It enables the transfer of data, voice, or video over the airwaves without the need for a direct physical connection.