We provide network development
solutions from concept building and
design, planning,to commissioning and
field implementation.

OSP Network maintenance

Fibercom offers Network maintenance which is a critical aspect of managing and ensuring the reliability and performance of OSP (Outside Plant) networks. OSP networks refer to the physical infrastructure of a telecommunications or data network, including the cables, conduits, distribution points, and other components that are located outside of buildings or data centers. These networks are essential for providing connectivity to homes, businesses, and other locations.

Services and Technical Support

Services and Technical Support refers to the range of services and assistance that a company or organization provides to its customers or clients to help them effectively use and troubleshoot its products or services. These services are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction, resolving issues, and maintaining the quality of products or services.

Outside Plant (OSP)

Outside Plant (OSP) refers to the physical infrastructure of a telecommunications or data network that is located outside of buildings or data centers. OSP networks are responsible for connecting homes, businesses, and other locations to the broader telecommunications or data network, enabling communication and data transfer. OSP infrastructure encompasses a wide range of components and facilities, and it plays a crucial role in the overall connectivity of an area.

Access / ICT Services

Access and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services encompass a wide range of offerings related to technology, connectivity, and information management. These services play a critical role in modern society, businesses, and government organizations by providing access to data, communication tools, and digital resources.